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Student Achievements 2013-2021

Making the switch to a new website hosting site is never easy. I had been with my previous provider since 2013, and while l liked some of its web design features, the platform was just not keeping up with the current technology. During the course of almost 10 years, the studio's news blog became filled with a multitude of student achievements, and not wanting to lose all of those blog posts, I decided to collate them into a document to share on this new site. If you'd like to know more about the studio's history, read on to see what our past students have accomplished!

Evesham Flute Studio

Student Achievements from 2013-2021

(Compiled from the studio’s old website news blog!)

June 2021

Congratulations to senior Arianna Reischer who will be attending Temple University in the fall to pursue degrees in music and computer science!

May 2021

Several students participated in this year's NJMTA Spring Recital Auditions, which were held virtually. The following students received Honors ratings: Quinlyn Moll, grade 10 - 6th year Ellie Noh, grade 9 - 3rd year Brooke Mosley, grade 8 - 3rd year Sean Ladinsky, grade 8 - 3rd year Evie Martin, grade 7 - 1st year Ellie, Brooke and Sean will receive their 3-year medals. These students' audition videos will be shared as part of the virtual recitals on May 23rd. The following students all participated for the first time and received Honorable Mention: Tessa Eapen Jasmine Chok Lucy Cheng Jane Ho Sofia Stafford Genni Green Tobie Cohen Congrats to all who took part in this event!

February 2021

Several students participated in the Utah Flute Society's Sonata Competition a few weeks ago. The following won awards for the "Best Out-Of State Performance" in their age category:

Grades 4-6 Intermediate: Tessa E., winner

Grades 7-9 Intermediate: Chloe L., winner and Ellie N., honorable mention

Adult Amateur: Karen C., honorable mention

Congratulations to all!

June 2020

The 2019-2020 school year was a strange one, for sure, but there were many student successes prior to March that deserve recognition: Olympic Conference Bands: Arianna Reischer (1st chair) and Benjamin McMonagle - HS Band Evie Martin, Brooke Mosley, Lucy Cheng and Nyla Bhimani - JR HS Band All-South Jersey Bands (NJ Region 3) Arianna Reischer - HS Wind Ensemble, Orchestra and Wind Quintet, first chair in all! Devon Bralow and Benjamin McMonagle - HS Symphonic Band Evie Martin, Brooke Mosley and Lizzy Ludman - JR HS Bands NJ All-State Ensembles Arianna Reischer - HS Wind Ensemble & Orchestra, first chair and highest sight-reading score! Arianna also placed 3rd in the Flute Society of Greater Philadelphia's Senior High Youth Artist Competition the weekend right before the pandemic shut down the world!

Senior Ben McMonagle was accepted to the University of Delaware as a music education and composition major!

April 2019

On Sunday, April 7th, 9 students auditioned for the NJMTA's annual spring recitals. All 9 students received either an Honors or High Honors rating, qualifying them for participation in the winners' recitals! Congratulations to these students: High Honors: Arianna Reischer, Devon Bralow, Lauren Hartpence, Quinlyn Moll, Ellie Noh, and Sean Ladinsky Honors: Anish Gupta, Isabella Moscharis, and Brooke Mosley Recitals will be held on Saturday, May 4th at Rider University.

March 2019

College Acceptance!

EFS senior Devyn B. was recently accepted to both Temple University's Boyer College of Music and University of Delaware's School of Music! Devyn plans to study Music Education in college...stay tuned to see where she ends up in the fall!

Congratulations to sixth grade student Sean L. for achieving 1st place in the Flute Society of Greater Philadelphia's 2019 Youth Artist Competition - Elementary Division! Students ages 11 and under competed on Saturday, March 2nd as part of the annual Flute Fair. Sean performed on the winners recital that afternoon along with all of the other division winners. Way to go, Sean!

February 2019

2019 All-South Jersey Junior High Bands

On January 26th, several EFS students competed along with 50+ other flutists for 20 spots in the Region 3 Junior High Honor Bands. 7th grader Ellie N. placed first overall in the auditions and will be first chair in the Blue Band 8th grader Quinlyn M. placed 6th overall and will be 3rd chair in the Red Band. Quinlyn also placed 2nd on Piccolo! Congratulations to these students who will perform with these bands on Sunday, March 3rd!

January 2019

2019 Olympic Conference Honor Bands

Auditions took place on January 8th for the Olympic Conference Honor Bands. Congratulations to Arianna R. and Devon B. for being accepted to the High School Band and to Quinlyn M. and Brooke M. for being accepted to the Junior High Band. Arianna placed first on flute and piccolo, with the highest scores out of all high school student! Quinlyn placed first on piccolo and second on flute, with the second highest score out of all junior high school students! Once again we are so proud of the accomplishments of these students and all of our EFS family!

December 2018

All-South Jersey HS Band Results

Congratulations to the following students for successful auditions at the NJ Region 3 Band tryouts on 12/8/18: Arianna R., grade 10 - Wind Ensemble & Orchestra, 1st chair flute (for the second year in a row!) Ari will also perform with the Wind Quintet and she had the top score on piccolo! Devon B., grade 9 and Devyn B., grade 12 - Symphonic Band flutes. Concert will be held at Rowan University on Sunday, January 13, 2019.

February 2018

2018 All-South Jersey Junior High Bands!

Congratulations to the following students for being accepted to the All-South Jersey Junior High Bands: Lauren H., grade 8 - piccolo in the Blue Band Quinlyn M., grade 7 - flute in the Blue Band Devon B., grade 8 - first chair flute in the Red Band

December 2017 Congratulations to Arianna R. and Rebecca S. for being accepted to the All-South Jersey HS Bands. Rebecca placed in the Symphonic Band and Arianna placed in the Wind Ensemble, Orchestra and Chamber Ensemble!

In addition, Arianna had the highest scores on both flute and piccolo! Way to go ladies!

March 2017

2017 Competitions

On March 18th, eighth grade flutist Arianna R. took second place in the Flute Society of Greater Philadelphia's Youth Artist Competition - Junior High Division! Ari also had the opportunity to play in a master class that day with Kristin Bacchiocchi-Stewart, as well as in the student flute choir under the direction of Penn State Flute Professor Naomi Seidman. These events occurred during the Flute Society's Flute Fair Day.

February 2017

2017 Honor Band Recipients

Another great season of honor band auditions and placements for EFS students! Congratulations to everyone! Junior Rebecca S. was accepted to the All-South Jersey HS Symphonic Band. She was also accepted to the Olympic Conference HS Honor Band. This is her 6th year participating in Olympic Conference bands! Arianna R., grade 8, Lauren H., grade 7, and Quinlyn M., grade 6 were all accepted to the Olympic Conference Middle School Band! Arianna and Lauren were also accepted to the All-South Jersey Junior High Bands. Arianna placed first chair! Fifth Grader Lizzy L. and sixth grader Julia C. were selected to perform with the All-Cherry Hill Elementary and Middle School Honor Bands. Fifth graders Nicole T. and Ellie H. will be participating in the All-South Jersey Elementary Honor Bands at the end of April!

February 2016

2016 All-South Jersey Junior High Band Results!

Auditions were held on January 30th. Congratulations to 7th grader Arianna R. and 6th grader Megan F. for being accepted to the ASJ Junior High Band!

April 2016


Congratulations to Devon M., Kasey B., Geena K., Arianna R., Megan F., and Quinlyn M. for achieving Honors ratings at yesterday's annual NJMTA Recital Auditions. All 6 students will perform in winners' recitals in Princeton on May 8th. In addition, Devon and Geena are receiving their 3-year medals! Way to go everyone!

January 2016

2016 Olympic Conference Band Results!

Congratulations to Arianna R., grade 7, Lauren H., grade 6, Geena K., grade 8 and Rebecca S., grade 10, for auditioning for and being accepted to the Olympic Conference Honor Bands! Second year for Arianna and Geena, and 5th year for Rebecca! We are so proud of all of you!

December 2015

Congratulations to Rebecca S. for being accepted to the All-South Jersey High School Symphonic Band!

April 2015


Six students participated in the annual NJMTA Spring Recital Auditions on Sunday, May 3rd. Devon M. received High Honors, Quinlyn M. and Megan F. received Honors, and Kasey B., Michelle D. and Geena K. all received Honorable Mention. Devon, Quinlyn and Megan will perform on a Winners' Recital on May 16th in the Princeton area. Congratulations to all of the students who took part in this year's auditions!

February 2015

More Honor Band News!

2015 continues to be a fantastic one here at the studio! Arianna S. (grade 6) and Devyn B. (grade 8) were accepted to the All-South Jersey Middle School Band. Eighth graders Devyn B., and MacKenna D., and 5th grader Megan F. were accepted to the All-Cherry Hill Honor Bands.

January 2015

2015 Olympic Conference Bands

Congratulations to Rebecca S. (gr. 9), Geena K. (gr. 7) and Arianna R. (gr. 6) for being accepted to the Olympic Conference Honor Bands! Rebecca was in the middle school band for 3 years, and has now made the high school band!

All South Jersey Band News!

Congratulations to Devon M. for being selected to the 2015 All-South Jersey High School Symphonic Band!

April 2014


Kasey B. - High Honors Fernanda R. - High Honors Geena K. - Honors Devon M. - Honorable Mention Devyn B. - Honorable Mention Michelle D. - Honorable Mention Kasey, Fernanda and Geena will perform on Winners' recitals on May 18th at Rider University! Congratulations to all students for their achievements!

January 2014

Congratulations to Lindsay S., grade 12 and Rebecca S., grade 8, for being accepted to the Olympic Conference Honor Bands! This is the third year in a row for both girls! Four students nominated to the All-Cherry Hill Band Congratulations to 7th graders Devon B. and MacKenna D., and 8th graders Jessica H., and Michelle D.!

April 2013

Seven students received Honors ratings at the NJMTA Spring Recital Auditions and will perform on a winners' recital May 12th at Rider University. Congratulations to Maya N., Esha N., Chloe B., Geena K., Michelle D., Fernanda R., and Devon M.!

February 2013

Two students were nominated to the All-Cherry Hill Honor Band - congratulations to Michelle D., grade 7 and Devyn B., grade 6, on this accomplishment! Fifth grader Esha N. was nominated to the All-South Jersey Elementary Honor Band!

January 2013

Two students named to Western Burlington County Honor Bands: Congratulations to 12th grader Alicia P. and 8th grader Fernanda R.! Three students auditioned and were accepted to the Olympic Conference Honor Bands: Congratulations to 11th grader Lindsay S., 8th grader Brianna H. and 7th grader Rebecca S.!

8th grader Fernanda R. was accepted to the All-South Jersey Middle School band for the 2nd year in a row!

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